Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zara online

It's my mother's birthday today! Yay!
In other news, Zara opened their online shopping today (look how quickly I change topics, haha).
I'm drooling. Already ordered two tops... Wish I could order it all. I was smart, and before even beginning to look, set my "filter" to $100, that way it only shows everything $100 and below.

I'm already regretting not getting so many, ugh... but I can't spend all of my money on clothes! Right?...

Definitely sad I have no where to go, these shoes would've been killer. 

Perfect striped sweater, got it.

Regretting not getting this one.

And this one... Look at those sleeves!

Got this tee ;)

All in all, I'm so pleased with their collection. They have a ton of ethnic details, without it being over the top, and so easily wearable. I'm so glad they finally opened up their online shopping, as there is no Zara where  I live, and I never travel. However, I can see how this site will quickly be my downfall. Not only are all the clothes amazing, the outfits on the website are amazing inspiration, and I can see myself flipping through without even the intent of shopping, and ending up buying things. I limited myself to only two items this time, as I have some stuff on the way from Urban Outfitters and I bought a new purse from Aldo as well.
Sorry I have not been uploading, school is keeping me quite busy, but hopefully in the summer my time will open up a bit.
Ps - for Canadians, free standard shipping for when you spend $50+! Which obviously, in Zara, you most likely will. Usually you have to spend $100 or even $150! (Wow can you tell how pumped I am about this site??!)

Tell me, have you guys checked out the Zara website yet?

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